Far more than just aesthetics, radiant floor heating is a highly efficient way to heat your home that increases comfort as it reduces energy costs.

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant feeling of walking on cold floors in winter? Does your heating system make lots of bothersome noises at all hours of the day or night? If so, it’s time you looked into a radiant floor heating system. With radiant floor heating, you will hardly know it’s there. No loud vents or clanking radiators in the night. You simply enjoy a blanket of heat where you want it.

How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work?

Radiant floor heating works through the use of either a series of hot-water tubes or electrical wires that are installed underneath the floor. When the tubes or wires heat up, the warm air “radiates” up from the floor and into the air; which heats the room and maintains a constant temperature.

Radiant Floor Heating vs. Forced Air Heating

Radiant floor heating utilizes hot-water tubes or electric wires that are buried underneath the floor. As these tubes or wires heat up, thermal radiation rises from below, warming up objects they strike, which then radiate heat. Air temperature remains constant, but you stay comfortable because the surrounding surfaces aren’t stealing the warmth from your body.

In a forced air heating system, air blows out of registers at 120 degrees and rises to the top of the room. The air cools as it drops down from the ceiling, shrouding your head in warmth while your toes remain cold. In addition, you may have variations in temperature. You experience warmth as air is pumping from the system, and then chill when the hot air stops pumping. With radiant floor heating, there are no variations. The warm air rises evenly over the entire floor, keeping the coolest air at the ceiling where it belongs.

The Warmth of Radiant Floor Heating – No More Cold Floors!

If you’re ready to experience the difference radiant floor heating can make in your home, Pinnacle can help. Our experienced technicians can install it in your new home or retrofit it where you live now. Once it’s up and running, you will find that it can be up to 30% more efficient than forced air heating. And when it comes down to comfort, there’s no comparison! Contact Pinnacle today for more information about our radiant floor heating systems.